Medical Tourism: Mexico’s Present and Future

Now that today’s economy has not been as strong as it used to be, caring for the health of the family has turned into a real challenge. Thankfully, Medical Tourism has become a cost effective healthcare solution, while at the same helping boost the economy.

For a long time now, tourism has been one of the most important activities driving Mexico’s economy, particularly because it’s one of the main income generators. Every year, thousands of people visit the ruins, beaches, mountains, jungles and rivers searching for adventure, mysticism, the exotic and… the medical?

Yes! The medical. As hard as it’s to believe, little by little Mexico has become one of the biggest destinations for what experts call Medical Tourism, which as its name suggest it’s a type of tourism where people not only leave their countries to vacation but also to receive medical care and/or treatment, because it can be far less expensive.

Countries like Colombia and Brazil, for example, already have this kind of tourism as a big part of their economies, and everything seems to point out that Mexico is following in their footsteps. According to the data provided by Patients Beyond Borders, in 2014 Mexico received around 1.2 million international patients.

The most popular destinations of this kind of tourism are the border cities, such as Tijuana, Nuevo Laredo, Juarez and Los Cabos. As well as those cities that have beaches like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, and others. Dental treatments and cosmetic and bariatric surgeries are among the most popular health services requested by medical tourists, as well as others like fertility testing and treatment, cardiology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, urology, cancer treatments, and many more.

And although it doesn’t yet exist a national strategy to capitalize on this type of tourism, several companies and local governments have worked towards develop packages that include not only health services, but lodging and entertainment options as well.

Among these companies, you will find many digital marketing agencies that have identified the benefits of medical tourism and its incredible present and future potential, and are specializing in helping medical professionals improve their online presence in order to attract foreign patients, which not only helps them increase their income, but also helps boost the country’s economy in general.

On average, patients can save up to 70% compared to what they would pay for the same treatments in their home countries. Even with the cost of travel and lodging, medical tourism still represents a safe and affordable way for people to get professional healthcare they need.