The Procedure Root Canal Treatment

Our teeth have space in the root of the tooth. This is called the root canal and it is filled with a pulp. This dental pulp includes tissue, nerves and blood vessels. A healthy tooth is nourished by this pulp which makes it strong and resistant to damage and breakages. If we do not take proper care of our teeth, the dental pulp can get damaged. The pulp can get affected by bacteria and the infection could spread. If this goes untreated the infection will multiply and make the problem worse. Teeth can also get damaged and infected due to different reasons. This could include a cracked tooth and even injury to the tooth. This injury could take place in the case of trauma to the face. The damage to the tooth can harm the bone which surrounds the tooth.

In such a situation your dentist will either recommend pulling out the tooth or a root canal. In the latter the tooth pulp is removed and the tooth is saved. In this way your tooth remains intact. With the infected pulp removed the tooth is cleaned and sealed. Thus it prevents further infection from setting in. Most people cringe at the thought of this procedure and believe that it is very painful. Many people recoil in horror at the thought of visiting a dentist for this procedure. However, it is very important to understand the steps of this treatment. An understanding of this makes one aware and prepared for the root canal treatment.

The root canal Tijuana treatment involves many steps. The procedure starts by your dentist taking X-rays of your teeth. In this way he can determine the extent of the damage and the shape of your tooth. Then, the enamel part of your damaged tooth is drilled. In this way the dentist gets access to the damaged pulp. The infected pulp chamber is cleaned out. This process is called pulpectomy. The canal of the root is cleaned out and enlarged. In this way it is prepared for being filled. The dentist then fills the cleaned pulp chamber and canal with gutta-percha which is a rubbery material. This is then sealed into place with dental cement. If the canal needs some sort of structural support a metal or plastic rod is placed in it. A dental crown is then placed on the tooth.

One of the benefits of getting this procedure of root canal treatment done apart from correcting the dental damage is that your tooth is saved. You do not have to get your tooth pulled out. By addressing the problem you will be able to retain your teeth and put an end to the tooth pain.