7 signs indicating that you need a Dentist

If you want to eat, talk and smile, you need your teeth for it. We all need to visit the dentist, but if you are one of those who say: “I don’t have enough time to go to the dentist”, “Nothing aches”, or “I don’t need any treatment, my teeth aren’t misaligned”, here are 8 keys for you to know that consulting a dentist in Brio Dental can be your salvation:

The first tooth of your son/brother/grandchild has appeared. Deciduous teeth (milk teeth) are often neglected because people thinks “they are going to fall anyway”. Take care of them so they stay in the mouth until puberty takes them away. Never let children sleep immediately after drinking from the feeding bottle. Clean their teeth with a gauze moistened with water. In your visit, we can check and clean their teeth if necessary.

When biting an apple or brushing your teeth, your gums bleed. Bleeding is a sign of inflammation, which is caused by bacteria. You harbor a whole evil family of bacteria in your mouth, and therefore you urgently need a dental cleanse. We can help you with an ultrasonic cleaning, which is quicker and more effective.

You are between 17 and 27 years old. At this age, is when third molars generally show up (Wisdom Teeth). Nowadays malposition is very frequent and it can cause pain, infections and even ear pain. I you need to remove them, our surgeons will fix you in an hour!

When you eat something cold, sweet or hot, you experience teeth sensitivity. This may be caused by a decayed tooth, or because your gums have receded and teeth roots are being exposed. I you suffer teeth decay, your teeth must be cleaned and spackled, and Fluor can be used as well. We suggest special tooth pastes as well as a brushing technique that won’t damage your gums.

You smoke. Nicotine contracts blood vessels in gums and disguises diseases as gingivitis or its most severe grade, periodontitis. Ideally, the best thing to do is to quit smoking for its consequences as cancer, but at least controlling oral hygiene is very important.

You take medication. Antidepressants, aspirins and other anticoagulants, medicines for blood pressure or hormonal treatments can lead to mouth dryness and even bleeding. In some cases it may be necessary to use artificial saliva. To reduce it, drink plenty of water during the day.