Why are Dental Implants so Expensive?

They say that nothing hurts more than a broken tooth, except maybe having to pay for it, because dental implants are one of the most expensive medical treatments, and while their benefits are well known and they are aesthetically pleasing, one can not help but wonder why? Why are dental implants so expensive?

Well, the answer to that question is quite simple and extensive since there are plenty of reason, but in general terms, it can be summarized in 4 main reasons:

  • Materials
  • Amount of work
  • Customization
  • Treatment needs


Dental implants are costly mainly because the materials usually employed to make the implants are titanium and zirconia. Titanium is more frequently used since few people are allergic to it and it leaves the place in contact with the bone undisturbed, allowing it to grow right against the surface, making it pretty much unremovable; and the zirconia -labeled as ceramic- on the other hand, is also popular due to it also being very strong and hard and it’s ability to fuse with the bone, just like the titanium.

Besides the material used to make the implant, there’s also the anesthesia to be considered, as well as x-rays, etc.

Amount of Work

Another reality that few people usually don’t seem to take into consideration, is the fact that this is a lengthy procedure; the dentists don’t just make the implant; they have to take x-rays, measurements and crave the Titanium. This means that a lot of time is being consumed, time in which the dentist won’t be able to treat other patients. And what’s more, on some occasions the work is simply not done only by one person, the surgeon isn’t necessarily the same person that makes the implant, therefore the cost is usually split into two or more people.


It’s also important to know that no two implants are the same, there isn’t a universal measure or model of implants to be used, which means that they have to be made for each person, because each case is different as well as each tooth.

Treatment Needs

Finally, the treatment needs are also to be considered since there are patients who may have lost a lot of bone, so they could need some bone grafts to be done and that’s another procedure. The implant may also require several months to heal and the fusion of the graft into the bone also has to be monitored, and that means that sometimes it might take more than one trip to seal the deal.

And this are only some of the reason why dental implants are so costly, but that’s not a reason to be dissuaded from using them, since, in the long run, they are more cost efficient, because the money you invest on them is nothing compared to the amount you would spend in several dentist trips over the years. The good news is that there’s always the option of getting the implant in another country, like Mexico.

Patients looking for a dental implant in Mexico can save up to 70% of their money compare to the cost of implants in the United States, and this is mainly because in Mexico the operation cost and labor is much more affordable, while maintaining the same level of quality and professionalism.

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